We’re currently working on the full documentation and user guide. In the meantime, please view the interactive chromosome reports by selecting a chromosome in the drop-down menu in the top right corner or using the search panel on the home page. Also check the FAQs for information about common tasks and functionality.

The primary report is a matrix of chromosome-ordered genes and expandable data-types. The level of evidence for each gene/data-type combination is signified by a traffic light colour system, with green being highly reliable evidence, yellow representing reasonable evidence, red demonstrating some evidence is available or black suggesting there is no available evidence. Details for each data-type can be viewed in a pop-up by selecting the data-type label. The data-types are hierarchical and thus can be expanded to display underlying data-types.

Selection of any individual traffic light will launch the secondary report that provides details of the individual pieces of evidence in a source dependent manner. This is also hierarchical and provides links out to the original data source from which the evidence was sourced.

A summary of the traffic light report is available by selecting the "view summary report" link directly below the primary traffic light report. This a tabulated overview of the data in the traffic light (including any applied filters), showing the number of genes in each evidence category for each data type. Selecting a row in the summary report will update the pie chart on the right.

Preliminary documentation regarding the data types implemented in TPB and the mappings from source databases is available here

TPB is being developed to assist in the chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project (C-HPP). For more information about this global initiative, please visit the C-HPP webpage.

We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer IE8.0+.

If you make use of TPB in your research, please cite: Goode, et al. "The proteome browser web portal", Journal of Proteome Research 2013, 12(1):172-8. (PMID:23215242)
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